Day 34 Arkansas 2/3

We woke up to rain today. Lots of rain. Heavy rain. Sideways rain. Rain that seemed to come up from the bottom. So. Much. Rain.

It really threw a wrench in our plans.

Tom took Penny and Griffin to find some breakfast. That’s when it really started raining. I zipped up the camper and waited for Tucker to wake up.

We then ate breakfast tortillas and pancakes in the camper, then started to clean up a bit. After looking at the weather forecasts, we realized we may have to make some adjustments to our agenda. So realizing an evening drive may be necessary to avoid packing the camper in morning rain, Tom opted to nap. I got Griffin down for a nap, too so they cuddled together while the big kids watched a movie on their kindles.

Around lunch time it started to clear so we packed up and went to a little cafe at the park. Quick and easy lunch and then out to the crater to hunt for diamonds.

So. Let’s just say this was not my cup of tea. Griffin was in the carrier – and the field was a mud pit. 3 steps into it and I’d lost a shoe. The kids enjoyed it a little too much. Tom mostly just enjoyed my uncomfort.

I lasted about 45 minutes before I could no longer handle watching the mud monsters wallow in their puddle.

While the kids played, Tom dug and sifted and searched for diamonds. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much luck in the diamond department. The good news is we were able to find the kids under all the mud, although they did not love that part.

We all were able to grab showers as soon as we got back, then we packed up for a hotel stay, and readied the camper for travel. 

We left a little before 7 and stopped for (yeah I know) Sonic. Then we just opted to drive until tired – knowing we would only go as far as Memphis since that was our next campground.

We drove till Forrest City, Arkansas and stayed in a Hampton Inn. Tom’s looking forward to not having to crank the hotel roof down in the morning.

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  1. kids must have loved getting messy! you’re mom tells me you’re in or will be in memphis soon? i’m jealous of the BBQ!

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