Day 33 Arkansas 1/3

Much to Tom's dismay, our morning got a later start than we wanted. We didn't leave OK (because it's so hard to say goodbye to those we care about) until 11:30.

We spent most of the day in the car. It was another long drive – 5.5 hours to Murfreesboro, Arkansas.

Half way there we stopped at Abel's BBQ for lunch. It was a great treat to grab a southern meal in Antlers, Oklahoma.

We stopped at a small grocer to grab food. While there, Tom learned that the park resided in a dry county. To which his response was "they still have those!?"

We arrived at Crater of Diamonds around 6:40pm. We quickly set up camp and then walked over to observe the crater for the next day's plans. The park had an awesome water park, however, it closes at 6pm so we missed out on that opportunity.

We all were a little on edge from being in the car all day, and we grabbed some apples and cheese to munch on, mostly because lunch had been so filling. So we smacked and then we were off to sleep.