Day 32 Oklahoma 2/2

Jeremiah and Nicole put together a delicious breakfast of eggs and sausage made into burritos and served THE BEST coffee we've had all trip (this is kind of Jeremiah's thing!) Tom made me change this to BEST COFFEE EVER.

Nicole and I left to meet up with a leader of ours, Heather Portwood, since I was in town. It was again nice to put a face to the name, in real life!

Once we arrived home we had lunch and the kids continued playing outside in the bounce house and water slide. Nicole even pulled out a slip n slide for added fun.

Tom and Jeremiah had their chance to take off so they went to Chick-N-Beer for wings and brews! They enjoyed some time away and also stopped for Espresso and to grab some cupcakes for us girls on the way home.

We had a visit from another leader, Ketti Eddy that evening. Ketti and her family visited us a few years back in NH and it was so nice to see her again and catch up on life!

The Hattens made a delicious steak dinner that we all devoured and then it was off to bed for the kiddos.

We stayed up late for extra qualify time and of course, to enjoy our cupcakes.

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